We empower families with skills for life.


Is your child having a hard time with school, social settings, or emotional well-being?

Is your family looking for better ways to communicate openly?

Are you struggling as a parent and need a fresh perspective?


     No matter your starting point, we help you get from where you are to where you want to be in working through real-life challenges. By utilizing life coaching techniques, how-to steps, and practical guidance, we support you in understanding your needs, decoding your children's behavior, and finding solutions for well-being that work for you.     


  • Learn how to "align first" and how it can change your family dynamics
  • Learn the foundational strategies every parent must know
  • Learn the hidden needs of children who are struggling
  • Learn how to break free from reactive parenting
  • Learn practical and effective communication strategies, including sample dialogue
  • Learn the importance of accountability in overall well-being
  • Learn the secrets to helping children navigate difficult emotions
  • Learn how to inspire cooperation and resolve conflicts
  • Learn how to boost problem solving and autonomy


  Our goal is to break the complex topics into easy-to-understand processes to support both parents and children. We help you to gain greater self-awareness and align with you innate inner wisdom.

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The Roots of Align First Coaching and Parenting

Our core beliefs and strategies are built on these foundational concepts:

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My Child is Lying. What should I do?

Telling fibs may be more common than you think, but what do you do when it is becoming a problem? Learn how to spot lies, the common causes of lying, and strategies for building honest communication in our FREE Parenting Guide. Our goal is to support you and your family.

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“I want to empower parents and kids to feel good about who you are, your relationships, and your possibilities by breaking down complex topics into easy to understand, step-by-step strategies and language scripts.

Let’s do this together.”


Dr. Kristin

Certified Life Coach, Author, Metaphysical Teacher and Intuitive…and parent of 3 amazing humans

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We offer a variety of online workshops to help you work through your biggest challenges. We are here to help. Check back often to catch our new releases.

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We provide private coaching as well as pre-scheduled group coaching for parents and kids, tweens, and teens. Please check our Coaching page for more information.

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Our workshops are designed to help you and your child work through real-life difficulties. When “issues” arise in families and emotions run high, both parents and children can succumb to emotional reactivity and knee-jerk responses. We offer a framework for enhancing emotional development, improving communication, and empowering struggling families by providing actionable strategies and processes that support foundational skill building and healthy coping.