I am Dr. Kristin Wnuk, Certified Life Coach,

with a Ph.D in Holistic Life Coaching, Intuitive, and parent of three.


     I am also a passionate advocate for teaching life skills through actionable strategies to parents and youth. I have seen the difference life coaching can make in people's lives, including my own family. Being sensitive to energy, I learned I was able to understand people on a deeper level and help them align with who they really are. For me, life coaching principles and Universal Life Laws work hand in hand.

     Through my training and studies, working with clients for over 15+ years, and personal family experiences, I have created the framework for Align First Steps.  All of us face challenges, but life feels a lot better when you have the strategies to work through them.  

      Today, my goal is to empower other families--to give parents and kids the tools you need to navigate strong emotions, work through difficulties, and build new skills--while enhancing communication, strengthening problem solving abilities, and feeling good about who you are.



 “Today, I am a passionate advocate for teaching life skills through actionable strategies, providing a coaching-centered process for navigating emotions, and help families work and grow through challenges together.”

-Dr. Kristin Wnuk


A Personal Note:

     Being a parent can be the most rewarding and the most challenging experience of our lives. Children do not arrive in our arms with instruction manuals and to complicate matters even more, we are people too--who are still trying to figure ourselves out at the same time.

     In my own life, I went through a personal crisis and metamorphosis. That is when I decided to change careers and begin training as a life coach. Not all that long afterwards, I noticed my children began to struggle, right about the time they began school. While each child was struggling with something different, they still needed support--support that was tailored to their individual needs and goals.

     The realities of our social structures emphasize meeting benchmarks and competing with peers for the best grades, talents, or sports skills. Children learn conformity in classrooms: If you want our approval, you should do it our way. Add in social media, and kids have another avenue to measure up. Children learn to compare themselves--and they often learn to internalize falling short or feeling less than. In addition, over 100 million children have been diagnosed with ADHD, around the world, and a common side effect of ADHD is high sensitivity to rejection. Criticism, judgment, and denigration can lead to intense stress levels and negative self-talk--and these can impact the brain's ability to function normally and impede the growth of healthy brain development. 

     We are here to help. Our goal is to empower parents and families to by utilizing real world examples, sharing practical how-to steps, and revealing how to connect with your own inner wisdom by aligning with who you really are first, and then implementing key strategies to improve quality of life and enhance your family’s sense of well-being. We show you how to navigate difficult emotions, how to increase mindfulness, and how to take action aligned with your goals.

It is okay to look for guidance, especially when you or your kids are struggling. I have been where you are.

     Align First Coaching and Parenting just beginning our online journey and web-based classes. Please sign up for our newsletter for the most current happenings and check back to this site often. We will be adding free resources and various workshops as quickly as possible.

Sending love your way,

Dr. Kristin


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