Align First Coaching with

Dr. Kristin Wnuk


     Align First Coaching and Parenting can work one-on-one with adults, parents and kids together, or kids alone, with adult consent. We prefer coaching with kids who are over the age of 10 years, who can communicate their perspectives, and understand the topics discussed. Sessions are booked in 30- or 45- minute increments.

We help parents, kids, tweens, and teens--especially those who are struggling, find the path to feeling betterno matter the starting point.  

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All private sessions with Dr. Kristin are considered coaching, not โ€˜therapyโ€™.


Arti B.

“Working with Kristin has been one of the best experiences of my life! She asked tough questions, but they were the questions I needed to answer to know what my heart was calling me to do. I enjoyed every moment of the coaching process with her.” 

Lindsay T.

“Dr. Kristin helped my son and I rebuild our relationship. We felt like we were stuck in the mud. The more I tried to get my son to listen, the more he became angry. I felt like he was sabotaging his future and he felt like I was controlling. Dr. Kristin helped us understand each other and finally make progress.” 

Brenda S. 

“WWKD! In the moments when I felt unsure, I asked myself ‘What Would Kristin Do?’ It was my way of going back through the coaching process to find my center and align first with who I really am before making difficult decisions. Thank you! It works every time!” 

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