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 ADHD Strategies for Struggling Kids 

Is your child struggling with ADHD? Kids with ADHD cannot control their symptoms with willpower. You and your child need strategies to help work through real world challenges. This workshop covers how ADHD impacts a child emotionally and academically and provides you with strategies to work through common sources of frustration. Workshop with FREE workbook coming soon.


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Emotion Reset for Parents Audio


All parents experience negative emotions when life throws us an unexpected challenge our way. Sometimes, we can work through our emotions quickly and other times, we need to apply conscious effort.

Dr. Kristin provides a Audio to help you reset—before yelling or reacting. Need a quick calming and aligning tool? Here it is!

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Parent and Child Reset Class

While it has been a few years since the peak of the pandemic, there is no doubt families have been impacted in many ways--mentally, emotionally, and socially.

This class helps parents and kids work through unresolved pain or trauma, by learning how to process difficult emotions, accept "what is", and go through the process of shifting to mindsets that bring relief, hope, and renewed empowerment.

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 Working Through Negative Emotions

This workshop helps you understand the meaning underneath negative emotions, explore common triggers, and offers strategies to release emotions and find the path to feeling better. A workbook is provided to help you work through personalized challenges.

Through this work shop, you will learn to understand the needs behind emotions, how process and accept without resistance, and how to make one choice that will change your outlook, so that you are more at peace to more forward. 

We can help parents and kids.

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  I've Got This! Audio Encourager

 Have you ever wanted a life coach in your ear encouraging you to reach for your goals?

Well, now you have one—literally! 

In this one a a kind Audio, Dr. Kristin walks you through a mindset shifting process, asking you goal-oriented questions, using affirmations, and positive reinforcement to help you align with who you really are, reconnect with your personal power, and create forward momentum to live the life you want to live.

         With the right mindset, you can do it!                                 

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